What is Cyber Security and How to begin Your Cyber Security Journey?

Ever Wondered What is Cyber Security? What is a Hacker? Want to be One? This article breaks down and explain the complexities behind the curtains with some step to get you going in the right direction for beginning your Cyber Security Journey.

Photo by Nahel Abdul Hadi on Unsplash
  • Look at what others did to be in a position that you desire.
  • Reach them out and ask meaningful questions like how should you build your foundation given your specific strengths and don’t disappoint them with a question that is few google searches away.
  • And remember keep your points precise and clear, arrange them in bullet points to save them time and effort.
  • Why I have suggested you to do so is because you have to understand that there is someone who is really proficient or world class at what you want to do, such people have experiences of what works and what doesn’t plus they know how to get there in most effective way possible. For example they will tell you the type of exercises or projects that you should indulge yourself in for the kind of skill set you want to acquire so that you don’t deploy your time and energy in the wrong one. Similar to the previous example of the hardware penetration tester.
  • And once your mind is clear with a roadmap of what you should do. Go and get coached on the subject you are interested in, may it be network penetration, web application penetration, cryptography, forensics, social engineering or etc. If someone has already accomplished what you want to accomplish you don’t waste time fumbling around by yourself like a loser. You wont figure it all out by yourself just cut your learning period in half and be on point with your skills.



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