Ever wondered How to develop your Hacking Skills? How to practice each Skill deliberately? What is the right mindset required for learning Hacking? This article breaks down the entire process to go about your Cyber Security journey the right way with some steps to get a foothold of things you are passionate about.

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Today we are going to discuss about what is capture the flag, Who are they for, What are different types, What are the per-requisites and how to begin.

Everyone who is starting their cyber security journey has a goal in mind that one day he or she will be doing assessments of digital assets may it be networks, may it be web applications, may it be internet of things devices, mobile devices or etc to find vulnerabilities and patch them, soon we realize that such assets are complex infrastructures and we are intimidated by the stack of technologies working on…

Ever Wondered What is Cyber Security? What is a Hacker? Want to be One? This article breaks down and explain the complexities behind the curtains with some step to get you going in the right direction for beginning your Cyber Security Journey.

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Today we are going to discuss about what is cyber security, what are the essential components or per-requisites for cyber security, what is the mindset required and how to begin?

To understand the term cyber security we first need to understand the term hacking.

So what is Hacking?

Hacking is nothing but an art of manipulating things into doing what they are not meant for, for example a toy like a remote control car turned into a detonator that’s hacking, A website for placing orders online being used as a file hosting platform or better spilling out users personal data…

New to programming or Intermediate, this articles takes you by the hand and define programming in most simple way possible, as we break down what programming is and what are different programming languages as well as what should you do to make a strong foundation to learn any programming language that you desire.

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Today we are going to discuss about what is programming, what are different programming languages and how to get started.

So few months back a first year student from computer science stream called me and asked me about what language of programming he should learn because he was really confused about where to begin as there are so many options to choose from moreover he was bothered about how will he learn all these languages.

Then I laughed and remembered that I faced a similar problem when I was getting started to learn more about programming and development in general…

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